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Is bankruptcy right for you? Can you stop foreclosure on your home? Should you file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter
13? At the Connaghan|Newberry Law Firm, you will meet with an attorney who will discuss your financial
situation, explain your options and answer all your questions about filing bankruptcy in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We
all intend to repay our debts, but unfortunately, there are often circumstances beyond our control. With
increasing interest rates, many Americans have found themselves under insurmountable debt.  Fortunately, the
U.S. Bankruptcy Code enables you to get creditors off your back and provides you with a fresh financial start.

Have you received a Notice of Default and Election to Sell your home?  Have you elected to mediate?  Did
you know you have the right to mediation? Call the Connaghan|Newberry Law Firm today and schedule an
appointment to meet with one of our experienced attorneys who can help you navigate The State of Nevada
Foreclosure Mediation Program.  Avoid foreclosure, negotiate a loan modification, and potentially avoid having
to file for bankruptcy.  Our attorneys will explain the process, prepare your required disclosures prior to
mediation and advocate on your behalf.  Don't go through mediation alone, our attorneys are here to help.
If you have been behind on your payments or are facing a foreclosure, you are not alone! Predatory lending may be responsible. We can help you investigate if you have been a victim of predatory lending. Contact us now, we can help you stop your foreclosure today.
APR's on
Credit Cards?
Medical Bills?
unaffordable, but people still
fall ill and accidents still
occur.  After experiencing
the unexpected, you may
feel as though there is no
tunnel.  Bankruptcy could
be the solution you need.
Contact us now to see if we
medical bills and get you on
a path to financial stability.
Las Vegas Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorneys can give you options when it comes to your credit card debt
Las Vegas Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorneys can help you get back on track
Are Your Living
Expenses Breaking the
not alone. Many of the
credit card companies have
avoid new federal laws that
so later this year.  
Bankruptcy may be your
best option to get rid of
your credit card debt.
Contact us now to set up a
free consultation.
Many Nevadans have
suffered pay cuts, or have
lost their job entirely. Yet,
living expenses continue to
rise and many families do
not have enough income to
meet basic living essentials,
much less repay debt.  
Bankruptcy can discharge a
majority of your debt, while
allowing you to keep many
of your assets
Contact us now to set up a
free consultation.
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